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S1.gif Cartwheel, Double Spike Gliding, Jumping

S2.gif Spike Gliding (Shark), Coin Toss, Miguel Rodrigez Coin Toss, Tip Stand

S3.gif Flap Jack, K 2000 (Powerstart), Reverse Coin Toss (Ali)


S1.gif Assisted Launch, Basic Launch, Leading Edge Launch, Wing Tip Stand Start, Belly Pop, Side Pop

S2.gif Belly Launch, Axel Take Off, Décollage Yoyo, Miguel Rodrigez Coin Toss, Twist (Tornado)

S3.gif K 2000 (Powerstart), Dead Launch, Dead Jack, French Toast, Reverse Fade Yoyo Launch, Yoyo Lewis Start

S4.gif Yoyo K 2000


S1.gif Leading Edge Landing,

S2.gif Zweipunktlandung, Axel Landing, Half Axel Landing, Spin Axel Landing, Snap Landing, Belly Landing, Spike, Dead Stop

S3.gif Powerdive, Möbius, Black Hole, Kombo, Yoyo Landing

S4.gif Slap and Tickle, Yoyo Tip Stand

Bauchtricks (Axel basierende Tricks)

S1.gif Axel, Half Axel

S2.gif 180, 540, Axel to Fade, Axel Take Off, Double Axel, Helicopter, Spin Axel, Flatspin, Kickturn

S3.gif Cascade, Fountain, Flip Flop, Slot Machine, Angle Slot, Multiple Axels

S4.gif Taz Machine

Fade basierende Tricks

S2.gif Axel to Fade, Backflip to Fade, Backspin, Fade, Half Axel to Fade, Lateral Roll, Pancake to Fade, Rising Fade, Rolling Fade, Spin Axel to Fade

S3.gif Flicflac, Duplex, Mutex, Triplex

S4.gif Backspin Cascade, Backspin Comete

Rückentricks (Backflip basierende Tricks)

S1.gif Backflip

S2.gif Lazy Susan, Lifter, Flap Jack, Yoyo (2 Pop)

S3.gif Crazy Susan, Lewis, Multilazy, Powerlazy, Rolling Susan, Kombo, Insane, Bungie Lazy, Stepdown Lazy

S4.gif Cynique, Yoyo Lazy Cascade, Rolling Cascade, Insane Right Left

Wickeltricks (Yoyo basierend)

S2.gif Fruit Roll Up, Yoyo

S3.gif Airdrop, Lewis, Paternoster, Yoyo Lazy, Yoyo Multilazy

S4.gif Airburst, Crazy Copter, La Dole, Wap Doo Wap, Yofade, Yofade Backspin, Yoyo Tipstand

Kombinationen von Tricks

S2.gif Cukoo Clock, Flicflac, Pancake to Fade

S3.gif Airdrop, Fruit Roll Up, Jacob's Ladder, Paternoster, Duplex, Mutex, Triplex, Torpille, Möbius

S4.gif Airburst

Sonstige Tricks

S1.gif Fly Away, Stall, Snap Stall, Spin Stall, 360, Pancake

S2.gif Slide, Rolling Up

S4.gif Comete